photo by jon kennedy


I'm gonna drink more whiskey than Brendan Behan:  
I'm 28. I am currently located in Kitchener, Ontario. I work as a route-setter at my local climbing gym; I'm attempting to claw my way through graduate school. In previous lives I've worked retail management, wrangled an honours psych undergrad, flailed around as a barista, and danced a lot of ballet.

I love exploring cities and wild spaces, swimming in rivers, and sleeping outside. I spend most of my time climbing rocks and/or dreaming about climbing rocks. I want to learn to climb off-width. (I want to learn to climb everything.) I drive and occasionally live in a Mazda B4000. I'm guilty of over-romanticizing the road and under-appreciating my city. Sometimes I make music.

I mostly write and take photographs because what else is there, really?