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36 pages, half-size, 5 parts, text-only, unreasonably small font size. about not-sleeping, desperation, places i've lived, sex, death, and the end of the world. first published summer 2014 in a couple of different numbered runs (teal, gray, light blue). initial run sold out. some copies of the second run still available. once gone, gone forever. possibly available as pdf but i'm unsure.

know your neighbourhood monolith

20 pages, half-size, text and analog photography. better font size. about monoliths (literal and figurative) with very brief writings included by other people. published summer 2015 in black and white. one initial numbered run, all sold out. additional, un-numbered singles available and printed on request. available as pdf.


24 pages, half-size, text-only, much more reasonable font size. about labyrinths, hospitals, civic construction, and destructive guilt. initial run published summer 2016 in silver vellum or black card stock covers, all sold out. second run published spring 2017 with mottled gray covers also sold out. available as pdf.

10/16/16/11/30/16; i dream i am on top of an inselberg in the pink light of new day

60 pages, half size, text and colour analog photography. completely normal font size. nonfiction prose concerning a six-week, solo road trip to california in the fall of 2016. underlying focus of loneliness, fear, dreaming, and ecstatic survival. initial run published spring 2017, perfect bound with colour photograph covers, all sold out. second absolutely identical run also sold out. available as pdf.

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